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From Zeroes to Heroes (again)

From Zeroes to Heroes (again)

My last blog post about our terrible Food rating got a fair few reads, in fact at one point it was inside the top 10 most read blog posts on Shopify's network. Thanks to everyone that came out in support, to be honest back in January when the whole sorry episode happened we half expected The Herald to get all over it, what we didn't expect was them to cash in on our misfortune by running 7 or 8 separate articles using us as a fresh bucket of clickbait. What it's highlighted to us is that the city we love desperately needs another alternative news channel, in the spirit of competition alone. 

Anyway the good news is we got on top of the situation, rode out the bad press and actually we've had a solid 6 months, sales are up and we've worked really hard to focus our business on what it does best, encourage people to ride bikes, serve up some decent coffee and we hope play an active and independent part in our local community. We have a great plan moving forward that will see further improvements to our offer this winter to be ready for a banger in 2020. 

We're now proudly displaying our 5 out 5 food review on the front door but most importantly we're appreciative of what we have created and how fortunate we are to have so much support in our local community! 


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