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Toze blog, March 2017.

Toze blog, March 2017.

So here's a quick update just in case anyone has been wondering what's been happening at RnR over the past few months. The big news I guess is that my business partner Jim and myself have parted company. To put it in the most honest way I can I would say that we just wanted different things, it was a great time creating Rockets & Rascals and the excitement of a new business can keep things on a high through the good times (and the bad) but once the business isn't a puppy any longer and you have to get down to the business of feeding the dog big meals, taking it for regular walks and picking up its giant dumps things can look a little different. Things didn't work out I am going to chalk it down to just being one of those things and because I generally like to look inward before I look anywhere else I'll probably just accept that maybe I am not the easiest person to work with. We actually wrapped up business back at the back end of last year but things will probably start to look different in Plymouth around about now, the Royal William Yard will be closing down to be replaced by another business and I'll carry on running the Barbican site with renewed vigour and excited about what we can bring to the Plymouth cycling and cultural scene. We wish the RWY team all the best. 

New products and other cool stuff! 

So you may have noticed some really cool stuff dropping in Plymouth. Gravel is the talk of the UK cycling scene and whilst we're yet to really see it take off down here in Plym we're already working on an event to quench the gravel thirst. Whether you plan to ride your gravel bike off road or you're simply looking for a fast adventure/touring bike I can honestly say the Genesis Datum that I've been riding for the past few months is great fun, it rides like a road bike but with the stable ride of something heavier. You may also have noticed new product from Apidura, this cult bike packing brand is the choice of the World's best adventure riders and we're delighted to be just one of a few stores in the whole of the UK to stock it. 

Shortly we'll also see new stock lines from Stance socks, Cinelli, Plymsoul and we're about to tidy up some new tyre brands too. Mid April we should also have a fresh drop of Rockets jerseys and caps thanks to our buddies at Primal wear. 

Cycling Events

So the sad news is no Plymouth Gran Fondo, this event may run but I am no longer involved with Spike Sports (the organising co) so most likely I'll be distancing myself from this event for 2017. Unfortunately this may also mean we'll no longer be running Hell of the West from the store either. 

On the upside we do have Trans Kernow in full effect at the end of April (May bank hol) and we'll also be running some fun rides across the summer to encourage everyone to get out and ride bikes. At the back end of the summer look out for a Gravel / Off Road event and you never know we may knock out a cheeky MTB or CX event next winter. If you haven't checked out Trans Kernow yet then please do, it's going to be great fun. 

Good stuff that's happening! 

This weekend (Sat 18th March) sees the Cinelli launch which should be a great day in store, from April 7th we're going to have a Friday night post work session every week right through the summer, we're open until 8 with live music, beers and the odd random thing thrown in for extra amusement. Also look out for details of our fashion night on April 20th as we unveil 12 jersey designs created by the students of PCAD, this is something we've been working on since last year and I am really excited to see the end results. It'll be a free night and we need your help to crown the winning design. 

That's about it for this edition, feel free to drop in and say hi and thanks for your continued support, we're all working super hard to make RnR the best place in town! 



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